Tuesday, December 22, 2009

19 September 2009


When I do count the characters I tweet,
I find that I can stack them straight and neat
Into a pair of couplets, line by line,
One hundred forty long in this design. (128)

Yet if I should prefer another kind
Of verse in which to tweet that’s just as neat
As couplets, rhyming quatrains come to mind,
Counting not only characters but feet. (137)

Add one more tweet onto these foregone twit[ters,]
More polished than before, a tweet that glit[ters]
And shows the art of ancient craftly fit[ters]
Who, sticking to their last, were never quit[ters.] (140)

They plied their trade and measured well to sing
As sweet as songbirds twittering in the spring. (79)