Saturday, August 22, 2009


Looking back now from 2039, my 100th year, I can clearly see how humankind has finally completed its 10,000-year transition from an imperial Dominator ethos to a communal Dignitarian ethos and has happily shaped a global society united by principles long advocated by ancient sages and visionary avatars, but only slowly grown into by the popular culture.

The anguished adolescence of our neurotic species has thankfully passed into the sanity of adulthood, and none too soon. Indeed, it may have taken the extravagance of our collective madness—pushing us to the edge of ecocide and threatening each other with nuclear holocaust—to snap us out of the insane spell possessing us.

Women can claim most of the credit for turning the ominous tide of the former era. Having finally thrown off the shackles of 10,000 years of patriarchy, they dismantled the masculinist mentality of domination and reinstituted matriarchal precepts of nurturance and respect, of kindness, reconciliation and cooperation long overshadowed by the androgenic Will to Power.

Our new dignitarian global society fulfils the vision of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, promulgated by the fledgling United Nations in 1948. But, further, it embraces the Global Ethic document articulated in 1993 by the World Parliament of Religions. Even more comprehensively, with respect to our planet as a whole and all its vital systems, Dignitarianism abides by the Earth Charter of 2000 and recognizes humankind’s fundamental duty of wise stewardship toward our celestial Home.

I’ll leave the details of this Marvelous Transition (as it is now named) for historians to analyze, narrate and justly glorify. Suffice it in summary to say that, since the beginning of the 21st Century, most of the world’s major institutions have changed radically: governance, economics, religions, ideologies, and (most basically) attitudes, manners, and customs.

The premise of Dignitarianism, once accepted and embraced, recognized the sacredness of life on Earth and the holiness of all human beings: innately worthy of love, care and kindness; kindred in preciousness with all others of their kind.