Wednesday, March 19, 2008

[Here's an old love poem of mine I've just submitted to The Prairie Home Companion's Bed of Roses Love Sonnet Contest. Tune in on April 12 to see who wins.]


With every minute I draw nearer you
I’m further then away; for every mile
I move means that much more we must renew
For having been apart the longer while.

Would we could meet upon the global pole
And end this paradox of time and space,
Since there, where longitudes converge, the shoal
Of space and bank of time present one face.

To stand atop the world is to top time:
For, spin and stop, then step in any way,
You stand in any hour from prime to prime—
You’re lord of place and master of the day.

There at the peak of rule we could renew
Our love and ever love in dawn’s still hue.