Tuesday, May 30, 2017


                Outside now it’s noisy and humid and hot
                But here in the AC it’s certainly not,
                So, girls, let’s just wait for our evening walk
                And then like night critters you can wander and stalk
                And see eyes in the headlights and wonder who’s there,
                Though be sure it’s no panther or coyote or bear.
                 Just in case the dark falls before we get home,
                 We’ll take a light with us where ere we should roam,

                 But enough now of anapests galloping on
                 Whose fleet rhythms can make you so weary and wan
                 That you’ll likely be snoozing before I am done
                  In the vanishing light of the day’s setting sun.
                  Now this rollicking patter has near worn me out
                  And you too I am certain—I’ve nary a doubt.