Thursday, March 16, 2017


                    A Shakespeare sonnet always starts with               A
                    Delightful sense that very soon you’ll                      B
                    Enraptured with a witty mind at pl                            A
                    And that there’s nowhere else you’d rather              B
                    Yet though you’re now intrigued, you’re still at         C
                    As to its purpose, though the melo                           D
                    You find beguiling, so you’ll wait and                        C
                    If it’s for real or slapstick come-                                D
                    Provoking laughter or monoton                                E

                    Composed by someone sharp-eared or tone dea    F
                   A masterpiece or a monstrosit                                   E      

                   By  a meat grinder or a master che                            F
                        The craft-work of a skillful prodi                            G

                         Or something needing an apolo                           G