Sunday, October 16, 2016


                    While little Tiggy gets the kitchen sink
                    In which to bathe when she begins to stink,
                    Big Gypsy's lifted in the bathroom tub
                    Reluctantly for her bi-monthly scrub.
                    Once rinsed and set back on the toweled floor,
                    They shake and make a shower I deplore

                    Splattering both me and cabinetry
                    Until they’re toweled enough to be set free.
                    And then it’s time to take a sunny walk
                    Diverting them with squirrels and cats to stalk
                    So by the time we’ve squared off several blocks
                    Rousting frogs and stalking pigeon flocks
                    They’re dry and clean and fragrant-fresh again—
                    Pray, keep them out of mud, dear God, amen.