Friday, April 1, 2016

for Copthorne Macdonald

 April 1, 2016

                    If I were seeking truly to be wise,
                    I’d need at first to clearly recognize
                    Just what the opposite of wisdom is,
                    Misleading us from true sagacious bliss.

                    Some say it’s folly, some stupidity,
                    A waywardness that’s our proclivity
                    That only growing wise can rectify,
                    A moral compass on which to rely.

                   And now, since seeking wisdom is my aim,
                   It properly behooves me to proclaim
                   That even on this day named after fools,
                   It’s rightly true sagacity that rules,

                        And if we can commit to growing sage,
                        Humanity at last may come of age.