Wednesday, December 23, 2015


                    Poor Gypsy wears a cone around her neck
                    Because she’s chewed her itchy flanks to heck,
                    A problem started by some nasty fleas
                    Or caused by her insidious allergies.

                   Sun Bonnet Sue she may look like but ain’t,
                   And her predicament would try a saint;
                   All she can do is lie forlorn and pant
                   Thinking of what she’d love to do, but can’t.

                   A week, at least, according to the vet,
                   She’ll need to stay like this before she’ll get
                   Released from what’s now making her forlorn,
                   Her flanks then healed that now are newly shorn.

                      But soon, a few days on, she’ll have forgotten
                      What now makes her feel put upon and rotten.