Saturday, October 24, 2015


                    How much of what I say do our dogs know
                    When I talk to them all throughout the day,
                    At home or on our walks with me in tow
                    As we go on about our merry way?

                   One word I know for sure they know is “No!”
                   By which they know that something’s not okay:
                   It’s not to do, or somewhere not to go,
                   And what I hope they know they should obey.

                   It’s not that I’m a boss who domineers,
                   Wanting to keep them from their kinds of fun;
                   It’s only when some dangerous thing appears,
                   Something to eat or drink they ought to shun,

                        That I protest and act imperious,
                        For dogs, like cats, can be too curious.