Sunday, August 24, 2014


for Larry Dossey

   Homo noeticus is the next phase
   Of our development, when we’ll have found
   A way beyond our present mental haze,
   Freed from beliefs by which our minds are bound.

   We know from pioneers who now report
   That there’s a psychic realm some call “One Mind,”
   And if we find our route to that resort,
   We’ll see a world to which most now are blind.

   Though long ago I think I glimpsed that state
   With visionary exaltation that
   Endured one night, but did by dawn abate,
   Like turning down my psychic rheostat,

        Yet ever since, I’ve yearned I might return
        To find what further wonders I could learn.


    Let’s say then that there is one Cosmic Mind
    By which the universe has been designed,
    In which all human beings participate
    And may commune with when we meditate.

    Imagine it’s a beacon in the sky
    A guiding star to set our courses by,
    By grace of which, when reverently appealed,
    Good Orderly Direction is revealed.

    And yet, most of the time, we’re unaligned
    With the designs of Universal Mind,
    And earthly chaos is the consequence
    While what should be translucent becomes dense.

         The only cure’s to go back in the Zone
         Where what is universal is your own.


    The theory goes that all minds are entwined,
    Being by Cosmic Consciousness designed,
    With which we are essentially aligned,
    Though many to this circumstance are blind.

    They then by their estrangement are consigned
    To ignorance for what they have maligned
    Until their circumspection is refined,
    Revealing they are kin with every kind.



     One Mind pervades the universe 

     In which all separate souls immerse:
     The Source from which all thoughts disburse,
     An infinite and generous purse.