Saturday, November 30, 2013


   Our Tiggy now, in this her second year,
   Has come into her own and rules the roost.
   Though but six pounds, she’s always made it clear
   Who’s in command, since we were introduced,

   And even Gyp, ten times her size, allows
   This little scamp to freely romp and play
   And pester her—and seemingly kow-tows
   To Tig’s shenanigans throughout the day.

   Yet at some tricks, big Gyp will draw the line:
   A rawhide stick once given her is hers
   To keep, and she’ll help envious Tig define
   That line by growling till the pup concurs.

        But otherwise, it’s Tiggy who’s in charge:
        If not in size, in attitude she’s large.