Sunday, September 8, 2013


(in the mode of Beowulf)

               In the days of the Dragon’s reign
                       nothing but danger               
                awaited those unwary ones
                          who wandered to its lair
                and spying its treasure hord
               sparkling with gems and gold                
                lusted for luxury,
               longed to possess               
                what men and not monsters
               should admire and maintain.                
                Yet none proved so stealthy
                          that he might deceive              
                the vigilant fang-fighter
               furious to ward              
                what once he had garnered
               from the mead halls of Geats.               
                Death and dismemberment
               swiftly descended               
                on reckless mauraders
               who ransacked his cave:              
                Woe to the wayward,
               waylaid by luxury               
                since the consequence of coveting
               is of no small account.