Tuesday, July 16, 2013


A liberal education is one that disposes and prepares you to flourish in the future, providing you with what you need to know and do to meet the challenges you will face, both personally and publicly, while contributing to the success of the human enterprise.  That is the aim of a liberal education.

Such an education begins formally in school and college but continues ad hoc through the whole of your life, autodidactically, for college should make you a life-long learner disposed to contribute your seasoned talents to meet the world’s needs.

What the world needs most from us from Homo sapiens, is our developed sapience, the wisdom to realize what is of value to ourselves and others, making it manifest and effective in the world.

The duty, therefore, of every liberally educated person is to discover whatever is dysfunctional and deleterious in nature and culture and work to rectify it.  Our human duty is to serve, however we can, the world’s well-being.  Liberated from egotism and empowered to benefit the world, heroes of humanity serve with compassionate determination the urgent needs of others.