Thursday, August 18, 2011


The ambivalent etymology from Latin of the word education (educare/educere) indicates that education should either nourish us or draw out something from us.  Why not take both meanings as informative?

If you then speak more specifically about a liberal education, you add the notion of liberation: education as a process that nourishes and develops that within us which frees us from the bonds of ignorance and inability of many kinds, allowing us to roam widely in the world of knowledge, rather than remain shut out from the discourse of experts in various disciplines and professions.

Simply: pursue a liberal education to open yourself to a wider world of knowledge and understanding, thus enabling you to choose wisely for yourself and others.  Growing in wisdom is our highest human goal and the measure of all human progress.

Realizing what is of value to yourself and others is both the definition of wisdom and the gift of a liberal education, the pursuit of which is the project of a lifetime