Thursday, June 25, 2009


If there is no “God”—a “Supreme Being” endowed with the various virtues and powers that our mythologies have imagined—there is nonetheless our human sense of wonder, marvel, and mystery.

There is, in our contemporary consciousness, a capacity to be amazed and awestruck at the intricacy and infinity of the universe.

We cannot help but recognize the pervasive intelligence being manifested by the processes of cosmic and earthly evolution. The fact that we conscious human beings exist and have evidently evolved from simpler life forms, which in turn evolved from inorganic matter, which evolved from the dust of exploding stars, which evolved from an originating cosmic explosion—blows our minds.

And that our own intellect proves capable of fathoming these amazing processes with ever-greater clarity of insight signifies our own importance in the self-revelatory process of the Cosmos’ evolution.

We are the means (probably only one of many) by which the Cosmos is growing self aware.

From which it seems to follow that we are “intended” or “designed” or “destined” to continue cultivating our sciences of comprehension, and to extend our intellectual capacities endlessly.

This is our mission.