Monday, May 25, 2009


Seers aren’t believers; they’re knowers. Believing is what blind people do: they take at second-hand as true what those who truly see have learned first hand, by their immediate experience.

And when it comes to spiritual matters, those who are simply religious, having received the supposed truths of religious dogma via catechism and indoctrination, must defer to those who have gained direct and personal spiritual insight by virtue of their transcendental, mystical vision—those, that is, who have become spiritual seers.

So many delusions and toxic beliefs have been spread in the name of religions, leading to discrimination, conflict and the ultimate oxymoron of ‘holy wars,’ that what the world needs now, more urgently than ever, is that we, its lethal dominator species, who are a threat to Earth’s entire biosphere, become enlightened by a global spiritual awakening that reveals to all human beings the imperative of love, care and kindness as the true way of the world.

Not that this teaching is foreign to the so-called disciples of Jesus, Mohamed, Lao-tse, and the Buddha, among others—these seers and sages have all taught the essential kinship of humankind with each other and with all forms of life on Earth. We humans are an intrinsic strand in Earth’s web of life and the foremost product on this planet of the cosmos’ evolutionary thrust in terms of consciousness, self-consciousness and manipulative intelligence.

Our conscious intelligence, however, has not yet matured, species wide, into that wisdom we now need to guide and constrain our potent and potentially lethal intelligence. Only spiritual insight, directly apprehended, can bring us the maturity we need to restrain our follies and viciousness, and to realize the humaneness of our full humanity.