Thursday, March 19, 2015



            How did this vasty cosmos come to be,
            This seeming endless universal sea?
            Is there a singular controlling force,
            Its guiding genius and its covert source:
            Good Orderly Direction we’ve named “GOD,”
            Personified as shepherd with a rod?

            But pastoral imagery is not our mode
            As in the days when huts were our abode.
            Our brightest answer now is that it’s Mind
            By which the whole shebang has been designed,
            An intellect with which we are imbued,
            Defining goals appropriately pursued.

                 Above all else, our mission’s to ensure
                 This grand experiment will long endure.


            Each person’s a receptacle of mind
            And thus with all eternity aligned,
            While toward some latent destiny inclined
            That introspectively may be divined.

            Discovering for what you’re best designed,
            Which latent talents need to be refined
            And with whatever resources combined
            Are topics worthiest to be opined.